Sunday: Limira Mare Hotel

On Sunday, a shuttle bus picked participants up from their respective hotels in Athens and brought them through the scenic mountains and passes through Sparta to Neapolis.

Workshop participants stayed at the Limira Mare, a lovely hotel on the seafront. Between art sessions, journal writing and day trips, everyone enjoyed swimming in the clear water and sipping coffee and drinks in the garden.

After a break to rest, unpack and swim, all joined in the hotel conference room for Connie's preview of the week's activities and a lovely power point presentation introducing everyone to the dynamics of art journaling, as practiced by artists, writers, poets, explorers and musicians from Frida Kahlo to Meriweather Lewis to Kurt Cobain.We were later greeted by Bobbis Lyras, Tourism Director of the Municipality of Monemvasia, who kindly gave us all lovely gift bags with samples of the local products.

Following the presentation, we savored a dinner of local specialities in the Limira Mare's garden restaurant: Greek salad, green bean salad, eggplant baked with cheese, lamb braised with rosemary and wine, roasted potatoes, and, for dessert, rock melon and watermelon. Vatista Winery provided locally produced wine.


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